Nov 17, 2014

Blog not in Service

Unfrotunately, the organizer decided not to have this blog active for the 2015 Hombres Pájaro edition; therefore, until further notice, there will not be any updates posted here nor is the information in the blog relevant for the 2015 edition.

Thank you for understanding...
Blog Manager

Oct 30, 2014

Getting Ready for 2015!

Our dates are set Jan. 24th - 31st 2015 and the ball is already rolling!
So if you had fun last year or if you missed it and would like to join the party, start packing your bags and making some plans!

Stay tuned for future updates regarding location, lodging, registration, etc. and please use the "follow me" feature on this blog (top right menu) to keep up-to-date on all the latest posts!

This competition will soon be posted on the FAI International Calendar as a Category 2 event.

More updates and information to come.....

La Nube ;-)

Jan 29, 2014

Prize Givng and Last Comments

It was a pretty good evening. Before we started with the results, there was a slide presentation of pictures taken during the competition; then we watched a beautiful video on Luís Rizo. You can open the video from  THIS  link; it will be active for a couple of months...

Then the ceremony began: we began by thanking all those involved -helpers, retrieve drivers, sponsors (Telesentinel / Bamacol / Airnomads), supporters, Township of Trujillo, Cloudbase Hotel,  pilots, organizers, etc.- then proceeded with the results and prize giving to finish with a nice Bar-B-Q with plenty of nice, juicy meat, some "arepas" and ripe plaintain (it tastes sweet & delicious) for everyone!

Sport Class winners (picture by Christian Cardona):

3rd Place: Camilo Betancur (COL) - left
2nd Place: "Coche" - José A. Marín (COL)
(his wife received the trophy - center)
1st Place: "Cochecito" - Juan C. Marín (COL) - right

Open Class Winners (picture Christian Cardona):

3rd Place: Zac Majors (USA) - left
2nd Place: Daniel Vélez (COL) - right
1st Place: Pedro L. García Morelli (ESP) - center

This edition of "Hombres Pájaro Colombia 2014" was a very special competition -for many different reasons- to all of us; I am sure we shall never forget all the things we lived during this week.
We have reached a new level and I hope we will continue to improve as a group and that we may host larger and better events year after year!

If you have the chance to come  fly with us, do not hesitate, you will not regret it!

"Hasta Siempre Luís!" and meet you in the clouds...

Thank you everyone and see you next year!

Truly yours,
Mike Glennon
Co-organizer &  Promoter
La Nube (The Little Cloud) aka "maria"
Co-organizer & MeetDirector

For more pictures and info check out the links below:

Jan 25, 2014

Last Day...

What an amazing day today was!

When we got to launch, the day was cold and windy: tail wind. Rain showers around take off and low cloud base. Some pilots hesitated to set up, but finally everyone opened up their gliders because, for an instant, it looked like the miracle could happen. Task Committee did their homework and had it all worked out.

Then, came the rain and the wind, tail wind, picked up. There were a lot of spectators up there and, when I looked around, I saw lots of people, unknown people, sitting under the gliders sharing the moment with the pilots.

The rain stopped and the sky cleared up a bit; nothing that suggested a 100km task, though. The wind kept blowing and it was pretty clear there was no way we'd get off the hill.
At this point you may be wondering HOW can this be "amazing", well, let me tell you it was.

This created a very special moment for us where on launch, with all the gliders set up and most pilots wearing the comp t-shirt, had the beautiful opportunity to share the moment with Luiz Rizo's mother, who came from Bogotá to be with us. It was a touching "pilot briefing", one like I have never experienced before, that brought us all closer together  in Loving Memory of our dear friend...

Jan 24, 2014

Task 5

What a great day we got today! Task Committee and MD where on the same page: a task where lots of pilots would get to goal and they did! 19 Open Class pilots and 3 Sport Class made it in! Speed and Leading points was the secret.

Zac was leading a lot (together with Pedro), he beat the next guys by almost 4 minutes; that gave him the solid 1000 points and created a gap of 80-something points and more with the closest guys.
Dustin crossed in second position, but Pedro took second place and Daniel third, thanks to the leading bonus (106 for Zac, 104 for Pedro, 85 for Daniel and 62 for Dustin )!

On the Sport Class, the younger brother "Cochecito" flew the task approximately 40min faster than his brother "Coche" and because there were 3 pilots in goal, the day was worth 1000 points and the speed made a huge difference.

Check out the results and stay tuned for the last day, which will be very excting!!!

Some pictures from Christian Cardona:
Dieter (GUA)      

Oskar Morales arriving at goal.

Santiago Corral (MEX) flare on goal.

     The Field.
And Oscar "Guache" celebrating his goal landing with the children!

Task 4

In the air again! The day was quite good, but still quite demanding. The task set for the Open Class was a 113.6km route and 52.9km for the Sport Class.
A single start gate for everyone; both classes shared the first part of the flight and had the same goal field: another HUGE paddock, this time grassy.

No Sport Class pilot made it to goal, however, Juan Camilo Marín "Cochecito" won the day flying 48.83km. In the overall results, Juan Camilo is again in front of his brother; these two are really putting up a good fight! We'll see what happens in the next 2 days...

Ten Open Class pilots made it in. They all agreed it was not an easy 113km to fly! They  came in little groups making us jump up after we thought nobody else would make it. Many of the other pilots not in goal, still got to fly around 4 hours, not bad eh?
Pedro Garcia on his T2C flew in first again today; he seems to be on fire! Daniel Vélez is second and Zac third...

Our new launch with lots of space for set up!

Waiting on line...

Daniel Vélez
Happy Mike Glennon

Jan 22, 2014

Day 5

We were ready: gliders were set up, task was set, the instruments were ready and pilots were starting to gear up. The window was opened at 10:50am and the wind sneaked behind our backs and the seabreeze (tail wind) kicked in at 10:55am and never stopped...

The clouds looked great and the day must have been an awesome flying day, but we had to pass...

In the meantime, the township of Trujillo (where the new take off is located) prepared a special lunch for us with lots of tropical fruit for starters, beer and local "finger" food for us to munch as we danced. Just minutes before the food was brought out, the boys set up a slackline at the main square and had a lot of fun. There was plenty of food, drinks and music so, being in Colombia, there was lots of dancing as well!

What a fun afternoon it was and the best part was that, since it all started at 3 o'clock, we partied hard for about 5 hours and it was just 8 o'clock when we drove back to our hotel with plenty of time for a good rest!

Lots of pictures were taken, I will post some of them another day or at the end of the comp.

So, we've flown 4 days, had 2 tasks and a fantastic "afternoon party"; people have flown and had lots of fun, not bad! Let's see what the rest of the week has to offer!