Jan 24, 2014

Task 5

What a great day we got today! Task Committee and MD where on the same page: a task where lots of pilots would get to goal and they did! 19 Open Class pilots and 3 Sport Class made it in! Speed and Leading points was the secret.

Zac was leading a lot (together with Pedro), he beat the next guys by almost 4 minutes; that gave him the solid 1000 points and created a gap of 80-something points and more with the closest guys.
Dustin crossed in second position, but Pedro took second place and Daniel third, thanks to the leading bonus (106 for Zac, 104 for Pedro, 85 for Daniel and 62 for Dustin )!

On the Sport Class, the younger brother "Cochecito" flew the task approximately 40min faster than his brother "Coche" and because there were 3 pilots in goal, the day was worth 1000 points and the speed made a huge difference.

Check out the results and stay tuned for the last day, which will be very excting!!!

Some pictures from Christian Cardona:
Dieter (GUA)      

Oskar Morales arriving at goal.

Santiago Corral (MEX) flare on goal.

     The Field.
And Oscar "Guache" celebrating his goal landing with the children!

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