Jan 25, 2014

Last Day...

What an amazing day today was!

When we got to launch, the day was cold and windy: tail wind. Rain showers around take off and low cloud base. Some pilots hesitated to set up, but finally everyone opened up their gliders because, for an instant, it looked like the miracle could happen. Task Committee did their homework and had it all worked out.

Then, came the rain and the wind, tail wind, picked up. There were a lot of spectators up there and, when I looked around, I saw lots of people, unknown people, sitting under the gliders sharing the moment with the pilots.

The rain stopped and the sky cleared up a bit; nothing that suggested a 100km task, though. The wind kept blowing and it was pretty clear there was no way we'd get off the hill.
At this point you may be wondering HOW can this be "amazing", well, let me tell you it was.

This created a very special moment for us where on launch, with all the gliders set up and most pilots wearing the comp t-shirt, had the beautiful opportunity to share the moment with Luiz Rizo's mother, who came from Bogotá to be with us. It was a touching "pilot briefing", one like I have never experienced before, that brought us all closer together  in Loving Memory of our dear friend...

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