Jan 24, 2014

Task 4

In the air again! The day was quite good, but still quite demanding. The task set for the Open Class was a 113.6km route and 52.9km for the Sport Class.
A single start gate for everyone; both classes shared the first part of the flight and had the same goal field: another HUGE paddock, this time grassy.

No Sport Class pilot made it to goal, however, Juan Camilo Marín "Cochecito" won the day flying 48.83km. In the overall results, Juan Camilo is again in front of his brother; these two are really putting up a good fight! We'll see what happens in the next 2 days...

Ten Open Class pilots made it in. They all agreed it was not an easy 113km to fly! They  came in little groups making us jump up after we thought nobody else would make it. Many of the other pilots not in goal, still got to fly around 4 hours, not bad eh?
Pedro Garcia on his T2C flew in first again today; he seems to be on fire! Daniel Vélez is second and Zac third...

Our new launch with lots of space for set up!

Waiting on line...

Daniel Vélez
Happy Mike Glennon

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