Jan 22, 2014

Day 5

We were ready: gliders were set up, task was set, the instruments were ready and pilots were starting to gear up. The window was opened at 10:50am and the wind sneaked behind our backs and the seabreeze (tail wind) kicked in at 10:55am and never stopped...

The clouds looked great and the day must have been an awesome flying day, but we had to pass...

In the meantime, the township of Trujillo (where the new take off is located) prepared a special lunch for us with lots of tropical fruit for starters, beer and local "finger" food for us to munch as we danced. Just minutes before the food was brought out, the boys set up a slackline at the main square and had a lot of fun. There was plenty of food, drinks and music so, being in Colombia, there was lots of dancing as well!

What a fun afternoon it was and the best part was that, since it all started at 3 o'clock, we partied hard for about 5 hours and it was just 8 o'clock when we drove back to our hotel with plenty of time for a good rest!

Lots of pictures were taken, I will post some of them another day or at the end of the comp.

So, we've flown 4 days, had 2 tasks and a fantastic "afternoon party"; people have flown and had lots of fun, not bad! Let's see what the rest of the week has to offer!

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