Jan 29, 2014

Prize Givng and Last Comments

It was a pretty good evening. Before we started with the results, there was a slide presentation of pictures taken during the competition; then we watched a beautiful video on Luís Rizo. You can open the video from  THIS  link; it will be active for a couple of months...

Then the ceremony began: we began by thanking all those involved -helpers, retrieve drivers, sponsors (Telesentinel / Bamacol / Airnomads), supporters, Township of Trujillo, Cloudbase Hotel,  pilots, organizers, etc.- then proceeded with the results and prize giving to finish with a nice Bar-B-Q with plenty of nice, juicy meat, some "arepas" and ripe plaintain (it tastes sweet & delicious) for everyone!

Sport Class winners (picture by Christian Cardona):

3rd Place: Camilo Betancur (COL) - left
2nd Place: "Coche" - José A. Marín (COL)
(his wife received the trophy - center)
1st Place: "Cochecito" - Juan C. Marín (COL) - right

Open Class Winners (picture Christian Cardona):

3rd Place: Zac Majors (USA) - left
2nd Place: Daniel Vélez (COL) - right
1st Place: Pedro L. García Morelli (ESP) - center

This edition of "Hombres Pájaro Colombia 2014" was a very special competition -for many different reasons- to all of us; I am sure we shall never forget all the things we lived during this week.
We have reached a new level and I hope we will continue to improve as a group and that we may host larger and better events year after year!

If you have the chance to come  fly with us, do not hesitate, you will not regret it!

"Hasta Siempre Luís!" and meet you in the clouds...

Thank you everyone and see you next year!

Truly yours,
Mike Glennon
Co-organizer &  Promoter
La Nube (The Little Cloud) aka "maria"
Co-organizer & MeetDirector

For more pictures and info check out the links below:

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Carlos Rizo MD said...

On behalf of my family, much gratitude to all for putting together this amazing championship in memory of my brother Luis.

We are all very touched with the expressions of love from all of you.

Mike kindly shared the video shown at the winners ceremony. After months on my To Do list I've uploaded it and you can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSj1AkYJ278&list=UUjFSr_vedFxcVzi0XmiOkWQ

Carlos Rizo