Jan 20, 2014

Task 2

The day was much more promising than yesterday, no cloud on take off and the sun was shy, but visible alright!
Cloud formations on both mountain ranges were visible as well as some clouds out in the valley; looking good!

Task Committees and Meet Director decided to send the Class I pilots on a 114km task with an initial leg of 8km to the "Bolivar Antenna", then crossing the valley southeast to San Pedro (north of Buga); from there they flew up north to Obando and back a little ways south to the HUGE goal field!

The Sport Class went to the same initial turnpoint, then back to take off and then one long leg to the same HUGE goal field. It totaled 50.9km.

1 Sport Class pilot in goal, Jose Alfredo Marin AKA "Coche"; his brother Juan Camilo AKA "Cochecito" (the pilot who flew the whole distance the day before) came in 2nd landing 5km short of goal, followed by Camilo Betancur, landing 7km short.

Open Class had lucky 7 pilots in goal lead by Pedro Garcia (ESP), closely followed by our very own Daniel Vélez; then a gap of 13-17 minutes where Rudy Gotes (MEX), Dustin, Zac and Wolfi flew in. Another 15min later, Raul Guerra (ECU) crossed the line.

No pictures for now, but I will try to get some published tomorrow.

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