Jan 19, 2014

Here we go!

Yesterday was the official practice day and it went great!

Most of the pilots wisely decided to go see the new take off we will be using during this comp and they loved it. Well, it is as perfect as it can be:
- Large, flat set up areas
- Nice wind
- Thermals as soon as you glide out a little bit
- A small "tienda" (store) with drinks and snacks

This is Carlo Olarte (VEN) trying out his glider (picture: Natalia Jaramillo)

We have a total of 30 Open Class and 9 Sport Class pilots including pilots from Austria (Wolfi), Colombia, Ecuador (Raul & Jelko), Guatemala (Dieter), Spain (Pedro), USA (Dustin & Zac) and Venezuela (Alexander, Carlo, Marcos, Salvador and Wilmer).

We are looking forward to having a great comp and hope you want to come back or, if you didn't make it this year, make it next year!

The pilots flew north from take off towards Roldanillo, a flight back to our HQ town. Some landed in the "official" Roldanillo LZ "La Pista" and other, well as usual, scattered around. Zac started off with one of his cool stunts and decided to land in the beautiful and grassy Municipal Stadium and, with the help of a bunch of kids, walked his glider through town back to the hotel!

Natalia sent this picture from "La Pista", Wolfi coming in (notice how those two on the right side are jumping out of his way!)

Let's see what this week has to offer. Stay tuned!

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James Gaar said...

WoooHooooo!! Good to see Zac keepin it real! And Wolfi is right there in the trees (no water or bridge to fly under). Go USA and thanks for the comp! Jim (aka blindrodie)