Jan 19, 2014

Task 1

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When we looked out the door this morning, the sky was grey and a high layer of clouds didn't make it look  promising... However, let's not forget this is Roldanillo! After the cloud finally raised over launch, subtle thermalling conditions started to be visible and the hint of a fine day was perceptible.

This new take off is definitely offering lots of new experiences. Today, for instace, we had the largest crowd I have ever witnessed at a hang gliding competition!  Look behind Salvador Bongiorno (VEN) as he runs off the mountain: (picture Christian Cardona)

For Class I a 94.6km task was set with a 30km leg north to the Higueroncito Antennas, then further NE to Zaragoza and a final leg to the Roldanillo airstrip.
5 in goal with Pedro Garcia (ESP) finishing first and taking the perfect 1000 points this task was worth! Zac Majors (USA) came in 2nd and Daniel Vélez (3rd).
Nice surprise was to see Alejo Trujillo make it to goal as we were leaving the field; he managed to stay in the air 4 hours 10 minutes needed to get there!

The Sport Class flew about 43kms sharing the first leg of the task with Class I. Afterwards, they crossed the valley earlier -at a somewhat easier spot-  towards La Victoria and finished up at the Roldanillo airstrip as well.
One pilot made it in, a young local pilot who is flying really well. Unfortunately, he miscalculated and jumped the gun by mistake, I guess you could say it is part of the learning process and the drawback of not flying a 6030! Still, he had a great flight.

Not bad for a first competition day at this Hombres Pájaro Colombia 2014 edition; let's see what the rest of the week has to offer!

Pedro starting his final leg (photo: Christian Cardona)

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